I work closely with clients to ensure that the final design solution meets all expectations. I am able to communicate effectively with clients to make sure that we are on track with all deadlines and other goals. I receive criticism with an open mind and am willing to work on the design based on the needs of the client.


I am passionate about what I do. I love a design challenge! Coming up with new and exciting ideas for solving design problems is what keeps me going. I also love to hear about new and exciting ideas. Got an awesome idea brewing? Tell me about it, and we’ll brainstorm together!


I am a master at managing my priorities. I am highly motivated on my own to meet project deadlines with the best design solution possible. I am also┬ávery honest when it comes to design critique. Don’t worry, you can rely on me to give you my honest opinion about what will work best for your design problem.

About me

Get to know me. I promise, I don’t bite.

Beth Belt
Beth Belt

Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Beth. I love to work on a team and collaborate ideas. I believe that great ideas can come from working and critiquing work together. I am self-motivated toward meeting project goals and deadlines, and am a bit of a compulsive list writer, which helps me keep organized.

I graduated from Weber State University in December of 2009. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, and graduated with honors. I also received an award for Overall Outstanding Graduate in Visual Communication of Fall 2009.

Wondering About a Project?

Just ask! I can answer any question you have! Need a price quote? I can do that too!

Beth has the ability to thoughtfully listen, understand the scope of a project and quickly kick out amazing work. As a project manager you need a designer willing to emotionally separate themselves from the artwork and make changes as needed – Beth is one of the only designers I’ve worked with in over a decade that does this with ease.

Tiffany Stalker
Marketing Specialist

Beth is an incredible graphic designer. She takes ideas and concepts and turns them faster than any other designer I have worked with. She was able to take my crude concepts for projects from packaging to marketing collateral and turn them into works of art.

Scott Klimt
Marketing Specialist

Beth is good and passionate about what she does, her design work has a special way of exceeding your expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking for high quality design and graphics work.

Daryn Cox
Graphic Designer

Beth is a very knowledgeable graphic designer who clearly understands design principles. She is very adept at not only designing for a fast-paced environment, but also at operating, maintaining and troubleshooting printers, computers and software. She is very able to explain clearly and concisely the technical aspects of her work.

Cortney Taylor
Graphic Designer

I always enjoyed seeing Beth’s work. I am happy to write a recommendation for her as she was always pulling off some great designs.

Jeremy D Stott
Instructor at WSU

Beth worked on the design of several projects for the Department of Visual Arts. She’s creative and dependable. I would hire her again in the future.

Jim Jacobs
Professor of Arts at WSU

Beth is an excellent visual communicator. She has wonderful ideas of her own and can add an interesting point of view on new projects.

Collin Nash
Graphic Designer

Beth’s dedication and intuitive design sense make her not only a great designer, but problem solver in general. She took on complex assignments and broke them down into manageable challenges. Her focus and energy will be contagious wherever she goes.

Lauren Rodriguez
Marketing & Design

Beth has a serious approach to her work and career. She makes great aesthetic judgments but is also very open to other’s ideas. I always enjoyed working with her whether on prints, digital problems or in a critique situation.

Susan Makov
Professor of Art, WSU